Monday, January 7, 2013


My dad was re-elected to be a Decatur Co. Commissioner!  :)  I was able to bring the boys to see this important and special day.  :)

They were really well behaved and were excited to see Papaw say his oath.

Interesting fact:  my grandpa was a commissioner, now my dad is a commissioner.  So, who knows... maybe one of my kids will hold a political office as well.  :)

Dad with my boys

Dad with Grandma
 Dad and Mom

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Grandma's Hill

I've always loved snow in the winter for one reason-  Grandma's hill!  Every winter, after a snowfall- the Nobbe cousins would get together and sled and ski on Grandma's hill.  Now, I look forward to it even more since my kids can be a part of the tradition.  :)

Here's some pictures of the fun:

Building a snowman!
  Wade found an arm!
 Grandma poses with the gang.
 Wade was pretty good at the snowboard!  We've decided we need to take him skiing- he is soo ready!
 Henry gets a little help!  :)
 Wade, Henry, and Papaw Rick.
 Ending the day with cookies and hot chocolate!
 Wade still has rosy cheeks from the cold :)
 Henry and his cookies- he can't get enough! :)

It's one of those childhood memories that lives in my heart forever, and I'm so happy to share it with my kids too.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The trip to the tower tree

My dad is a County Commissioner- and around Christmas time every year, he changes the lights in the courthouse tower from regular lights to Christmas colored lights!  Wade was interested in seeing how he got up there- so my dad asked him if he would like to come along sometime!  And of course he was so excited to go!

Way up high in the clock tower!

The bell... it's so big! :)

Wade got to make his mark on history :)
(when I asked him why he smiled like that- he said "because that's the way daddy does it.")  :)

It doesn't look that big from the ground!

See that tree up there??  We are "world famous" for that tree growing out of the top of our courthouse.  The clock right below it is where Wade was!  That's pretty high! :)

It made Wade's day to "go to work" with papaw Rick and see the clock and see Greensburg from a bird's eye view.  Memories to last a life time! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Day of PreSchool

Wade is starting his first year of school this year, and I couldn't be more excited!  And by excited, I mean:  nervous, thrilled, scared, worried, happy, tearful, emotional, anxious, and eager.  :)  Wade is my oldest (as you know!) and everything with him has been unexpected.  As with any first child, you walk blindly as you learn how to be a parent.  With Henry, I felt more confident and felt like I knew what I was doing.

Anyway, Wade started preschool and I wasn't sure how he would react.  When I started preschool, I cried  The teacher would call my mom after she dropped me off to tell me that I was fine and playing with friends because my mom would leave upset because I was upset.  I now have the ability to relate to my own Kindergarten parents when they drop off their precious child and leave him/her in my hands for the entire day.  But, with Wade, he was **thankfully** not like his mother in this aspect.  He LOVED and still loves preschool.  I couldn't ask for a better start to his schooling.  He was actually mad that next morning because I was getting to go to school and he had to take a day off (he only goes every other day).

Every day that he comes home from school, he sings me the new songs he's learned, show me his folder filled with crafts he made, and tells me all the funny things his teacher did.  He is soaking it all up- and loving every minute!

So, here are some pics of his first day of school.  Enjoy! :)

 When you put 2 boys together in front of the camera... they start acting silly :)



 Mom and Wade on both our first days of school.  *It was my first day of school too- so I wasn't able to take him on his first day.  BOO!!!*
 Can you tell it was a little teary (for me) Obviously, he's excited! haha :)

 Walking in (I had to bribe Ben to take some pictures!)  :)
 Knocking on the door :)  He didn't even want Ben to walk in- he was sooo ready to do this! :)

My boy is growing up!  Where did the time go??!!  I love you Wade Benjamin!